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Cosy, comfy and warm, it’s no surprise that dressing gowns or bathrobes are a staple part of a child’s wardrobe – and often their garment of choice!

When it comes to bath time, there’s nothing quite like bundling up in a soft, fluffy towelling bathrobe.

They’re also perfect for chilly mornings, lazy days snuggling on the sofa and cuddling up for a bedtime story.

With Hallowe’en, fireworks night, and the promise of Christmas ahead, dressing gowns and bathrobes certainly play their part in the seasonal cosiness of childhood.


Material facts

Cotton towelling

If you’re looking for a children’s bathrobe that’s intended for use primarily after bath time, the best option is one that’s made with 100% cotton.

Terry towelling is renowned for its absorbency and you can be confident that natural cotton fibres will be kind to delicate skin.

Our Comfy bathrobes are made of 100% cotton towelling, so they’re perfect for after a bath or shower. They launder beautifully and dry quickly, staying soft and fluffy wash after wash.


Fleecy softness

Ideal for wearing over pyjamas or for cosy days on the sofa, children love the warmth and comfort of fleecy bathrobes. However, there can be a huge difference in the quality of one robe over another.

Our cosy, 300gsm fleece bathrobe is made with a very thick, soft pile that retains its plush feel and dries extremely quickly.


Cotton blend

A poncho-style bathrobe is perfect for chilly summer beaches and being wrapped in warmth after a swim.

Our SwimSoft poncho combines the warmth of fleece on the outside with the soft absorbency of terry towelling on the inside.

The loose fit, large hood and side opening make it easy to wear and practical to slip on for easy changing.


Cosy components

When you’re choosing a child’s bathrobe, there are certain aspects to look for that will ensure the robe stays soft and fluffy and will fit beautifully for longer than just a few months.

A generous fit with long cuffs that can be turned up mean that the robe won’t be grown out of too quickly, and will give that feeling of being all-wrapped up in softness and comfort.

A large hood enhances the warmth of the robe and helps to dry hair.

Patch pockets are always popular for keeping hands warm or carrying toys and treasures.


Perfect partners

Soft, towelling slippers are a wonderful, snug addition to bath time. Their absorbency and non-slip sole make them practical too.


On-point personalisation

A personalised bathrobe or dressing gown makes it even more special – children love to have something that’s uniquely theirs.

Our in-house embroidery service is available for all our bathrobes and swim ponchos. We can embroider the child’s name or monogram, or any other special words that are meaningful to the giver and recipient.

We offer a choice of pre-designed embroidery options such as our Splash, Mermaid and Pirate motifs. However, our skilled team can turn their hand to almost anything, so if you have a particular image or design in mind, we’ll be pleased to chat this through.


A gift for everyday

Choosing a gift for a child that you know will be used every day is very rewarding.

Our boxed, personalised bath time gift sets are just that. They include a 100% cotton towelling bathrobe, bath towel and mitt.

Choose from Splash, Pirate or Mermaid motifs along with the child’s name.


The perfect choice for children’s bathrobes

Browse our children’s bathrobes, or if you prefer, our helpful team will be pleased to talk through your specific requirements on 0845 210 4000 or email