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There is nothing quite like the comforting feeling of being totally enveloped in a warm, soft bath sheet that’s almost as big as you!


What’s in a name?

A bath ‘sheet’ as opposed to a bath towel is a much larger towel that provides increased coverage of the body and therefore, much greater absorbency. When wrapped under the arms, a bath sheet will sit below the knee.

From a practical perspective, bath sheets are very efficient at drying, with less need to move the towel around the body. For taller guests in particular they give more coverage and comfort.

Bath sheets with a higher gsm (grams per square metre) have a deep, soft pile that makes them extremely absorbent and pleasurable to use.

Above all, bath sheets give that sense of being truly pampered.

Quality and quantity with our Sumptuous range

For the ultimate bath sheet, our Sumptuous range really has it all.

Generosity comes as standard

Our Sumptuous bath sheets are considerably larger than the industry standard.

At 100cm x 175cm they provide unrivalled coverage and, therefore, absorbency. When compared to the standard size of 90-100cm x 150cm, the difference is clear.

Jumbo bath sheet

For a bath sheet that truly stands out, our Sumptuous Jumbo bath sheet measures a magnificent 100cm x 200cm.


Supreme quality

Made from superior Egyptian cotton, at 650gsm weight, the incredibly deep pile has been developed to last.

Our Sumptuous towels are chosen by many luxury hotels and spas for their outstanding quality and opulence. Not only soft and thick, their construction means they retain their fluffiness wash after wash.

These towels have a unique, mercerised cotton header bar that avoids shrinkage. So, they maintain their luxurious look and feel.


Discover true luxury

Browse our Sumptuous towel range, or if you prefer, our helpful team will be pleased to talk through your specific requirements on 0845 210 4000 or email enquires@bcsoftwear.co.uk.