How to choose a bathrobe

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May 20, 2022 at 4:04:10 PM PDT May 20, 2022 at 4:04:10 PM PDTth, May 20, 2022 at 4:04:10 PM PDT

Robes, dressing gowns, bathrobes – whatever the terminology, choosing the right one for your particular requirements is paramount.

Bathrobes are often an investment for the long-term, so it’s important to think about the person who’ll be using it, and the type of wear it will need to stand up to.

Whether you’re choosing a bathrobe for a home setting, a spa, salon, or for hotel guests, careful consideration of the various fabrics and features will pay dividends. The aspects you’ll need to think about include:

Fabric choice – cotton, a cotton blend, velour or bamboo – each has their own particular benefits and care considerations.

Fabric weight – measured in grams per square metre (or gsm), the weight of the bathrobe is a significant factor in how it feels, its comfort and how it’s laundered.

Comfort – warmth and cosiness or lightweight and easy to wear, bathrobes need to suit their environment.

Frequent washing – robes need to be able work hard and stand up to regular laundering.

Drying time – some fabrics are ideal when drying time needs to be kept to a minimum for a quick turnaround.

Absorbency – in settings where products and oils are regularly used, certain materials minimise absorption.

Energy efficiency – you can choose fabrics, which not only save on the amount of water but on the energy required to keep them looking like new.

Luxury – sometimes the priority is for the robe to just look and feel wonderful.

Sustainability – with environmental credentials moving up the agenda, there are ways to make the most eco-friendly choices.

Branding – particular fabrics will be better suited to showcasing an embroidered logo.

How to choose a bathrobe for hotel bedrooms

A beautiful, soft and luxurious bathrobe is a memorable part of the hotel experience. It can often inspire guests to purchase a robe for themselves to enjoy at home or as a special gift for a family member or friend.

When navigating the options, it can be helpful to keep certain factors in mind:

The wow factor

The warmth and softness of a luxury bathrobe is often the first touch point for a hotel guest, so if the robe is superior quality, it sticks in the memory. A dense fabric with a high gsm will make your guests feel that you’ve gone the extra mile.

Made to last

The best quality robes have the added attention to detail of reinforced stitching in the neck, belt loops and the tops of pockets to make them more durable.

Bathrobes need to look beautiful for every guest, wash after wash. So, robes that have proven credentials to stand up to commercial laundering are the ideal choice.

Time to indulge

In a hotel room, a bathrobe is as much for lounging as it is for bathing, so you may prefer to opt for a lighter-weight fabric to ensure the comfort of your guests.

Showcasing your logo

Depending on the colours and complexity of your logo, you may wish to choose a fabric weave that lends itself to intricate embroidery to ensure that it’s perfectly replicated.

All in the detail

Details such as contrasting or roped edging, or extra-long cuffs that can be rolled up and down to suit the individual, are luxurious features that your guests will appreciate.

Energy efficient laundering

Choosing fabrics that need less water to wash them well, and that are quick to dry, is a good way to make reductions in your carbon footprint.

How to choose a robe for a spa or salon

Time spent at a spa or salon is meant to feel indulgent, so it’s important for clients to feel chic and stylish in their bathrobe. Choosing a design that is more of a classy lounge robe than a simple bathrobe could be a way of making the experience even more special. 

Pioneering fabrics

Some fabrics combine the best of both worlds – a soft, draping feel on the outside, whilst on the inside there are the benefits of a highly absorbent towelling lining – understated details that the client will notice.

Cool and fresh

Spas and salons naturally suit a lighter robe – some robes can weigh as little as under a kilo. Detailing in the fabric, such as ribbing or waffle, can give them a smart, sophisticated feel.

In an environment where different products and oils are used, it’s possible to select a fabric that doesn’t absorb oils as much as ordinary towelling, such as a waffle weave.

Quick turnaround, long lasting

A quick turnaround is key, so robes with a reduced drying time are time and cost efficient, and eco-friendly too.

Frequent washing can cause shrinkage, which can be an issue with some cotton weaves, in particular waffle weave. This problem can be addressed by purchasing robes which have been treated a special coating to keep them looking good time after time.

Versatile and inclusive

Making sure that the style of robe is suitable for both men and women, of all sizes, is paramount for spas and salons, so opt for a robe that is suitable and stylish for every size and shape.

How to choose a bathrobe for your home

We are all individuals with our own personal take on comfort and practicality. So, when choosing the right bathrobe for yourself, or as a gift for some else, it helps to consider a few different aspects:

A year-round robe?

Your choice of bathrobe fabric might depend on the season you are buying it for. For example, you may be looking for a soft, cosy bathrobe for winter mornings, so velour might be the right option. If a lighter robe to throw on in warmer months is more your style, then a waffle weave might be perfect.

The comfort factor

Some of us are more likely to feel the cold or to feel naturally warmer than others, so it’s a good idea to think about the type of fabrics that will be most comfortable for you, or the person you’re buying for. Bathrobes with a soft fleecy outer and cotton towelling inside can be a cosy but practical choice.

A key part of comfort is ensuring a good fit – sleeve and overall length are worth considering, so that the robe can be enjoyed for years to come.

Whiter than white

Colour choice is an important consideration – depending on who will be wearing it. We all know someone who is better suited to the darker towels, so a coloured bathrobe might suit some better than pure white!

Laundry days

Busy households may want to minimise washing and drying, so choosing a quick drying fabric blend could be ideal.

Choice and expertise

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