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When you’ve invested in great quality, soft, Washing towels correctly and drying them thoroughly is critical before rolling and storing them.

Our guide to rolling your towels will help keep them neat and fresh, and looking professional when stored.


The Narrow Roll

1. Spread the towel flat on a table or countertop, then fold it in half width wise.

2. Fold the towel in half one more time, width wise again, to make a long rectangle shape.

3. Lastly, taking one of the short ends of the towel, roll it tightly in on itself.

The narrow-rolled towel gives you a tightly rolled towel that will hold its shape, so that you can stack it neatly. This method works particularly well with larger towels such as bath towels and bath sheets, but it is also perfect for smaller hand towels or washcloths.

The Envelope Roll

1. As with the narrow roll, start by laying the towel out on a flat surface. Fold one corner in diagonally toward the centre, so the short side lines up with the long side of the towel, creating a point at one end.

2. Fold the towel in half, length wise, then flip the towel over so that that the folded side is facing down.

3. Finally, roll the towel tightly, starting at the short side opposite the point. At the end, tuck the point inside the roll to keep the towel secure.

The envelope roll works really well for towels that won’t be stacked on top of one another as they hold their rolled shape. It’s also great for towels that aren’t in constant use. Your towels will stay tightly rolled no matter where you store them.

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The Double Roll

1. Starting with your towel spread out flat, fold the towel in half width wise.

2. Tightly roll one end of the towel inwards towards the centre of the towel. Repeat with the other end of the towel, ensuring both rolls are equal.

3. Turn the towel over to store, with the rolls facing downwards.

This is a very useful method for bath towels and sheets, and poolside towels which can be bulky to fold and large to store when rolled.

Tying rolled towels

If your towels are rolled and stored correctly, they should stay in place. However, you can prevent towels unrolling by tying the rolled towel with a ribbon or thread.

Depending on how your towels are being used, it can be a pleasing touch for your guests or clients.


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