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Our luxury linen finds a haven at The Spa at Breedon Priory

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BC SoftWear
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August 9, 2022 at 3:35:03 PM PDT August 9, 2022 at 3:35:03 PM PDTth, August 9, 2022 at 3:35:03 PM PDT

The Spa at Breedon Priory is a haven in every sense of the word.

Nestled within 24 acres of countryside in the heart of the East Midlands, the spa offers its clients a calm oasis to feel relaxed and revived.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Breedon Priory since April 2021. Their discerning approach to guest satisfaction requires attention to detail and, often, the efficiency to deliver within a quick turnaround.

We were delighted to supply them with a range of bespoke spa towels, linens and accessories – and equally delighted so by the reaction our products inspired.

Pure indulgence

The Spa at Breedon Priory is an indulgent environment, with each detail carefully considered to enhance their guests’ experience and, importantly, their wellbeing.

Feeling immersed in the tranquillity of the spa is heightened by the luxurious linens and accessories that are selected.



With our experience of the specific needs of a day spa, we recommended spa towels, robes and treatment linen that would deliver on feel, quality and durability, with the required choice of colour palette, fabric weight and texture.

It was also important that we could reassure Breedon Priory that availability and continuity of supply could be maintained for their thriving business.

Hospitality suite

We supplied The Spa at Breedon Priory with a full suite of products to make their guests’ experience as luxurious as possible, whilst ensuring the practicality of easy to launder, quick drying fabrics.

Eco-friendly focus

Energy saving and environmental issues are high on the agenda for every spa managing a high client turnover. Breedon Priory wanted to balance these important aspects with the comfort of their guests. Our range of eco-friendly towels provided the perfect solution.

Our SupremeSoft range is beautifully soft, and the blended cotton is ideal for spa treatments as it absorbs less oil. The lightweight fabric means that 70% less energy is used, and drying time is improved by 31% compared to traditional towelling.

Breedon Priory chose our treatment blankets, couch covers, our jumbo sheets with head holes and bathrobes in a range of sizes.



Our SmartKnit hand towels are available in two sumptuous weights – 450gsm and 550gsm. Breedon Priory were impressed by the knitted weave of this towel – it will not pull or tear, so it’s long-lasting, and also has the energy saving benefits of our SupremeSoft range.

All-important touches

Breedon Priory recognised our Comfy manicure towel as a cost-effective choice. It retains its soft fluffiness, whilst its smaller size is both practical and saves on laundry costs.

Soft and luxurious, our stylish waffle Serenity Lounge Chair Covers were chosen to dress the poolside chairs at The Spa at Breedon Priory. With a large sewn pocket at one end, the covers stay put and their lightweight yet absorbent fabric is easy to wash and quick to dry. Our flip flops are the perfect additional poolside touch that spa guests love to take home.

Brand equity

We were pleased to carefully replicate The Spa at Breedon Priory logo on their flip flops, towels, bathrobes and treatment blankets. Jemma Whitney, Spa Director, was clearly thrilled with the results:

"The embroidery is always perfectly placed and each new order is identical to the last.

The guests love to take home their ‘The Spa at Breedon Priory’ customised flip flops and re-wear these time and time again."


"The quality of the products from BC SoftWear is second to none, the innovative SupremeSoft collection is our preferred choice for the quick drying time and luxurious feel for our guests."


Dedicated service

Working with brands such as The Spa at Breedon Priory has given us a deep understanding of the day to day needs of luxury spas and the exacting standards that delight their guests.

If you would like any information on our products, our helpful team will be pleased to talk through your specific requirements on 0845 210 4000 or email enquires@bcsoftwear.co.uk. Or if you prefer, browse our extensive, luxury collections online.